Hilton HHonors Award Category Change Effective August 14, 2014


Hilton made an announcement back in April (access here) that they would be moving away from yearly award category changes and would adjust award categories “seasonally” that seems to mean monthly. There were quite a few changes last month (read more here).

Hilton HHonors August 14 2014 Award Category Change

Hilton HHonors has just updated its web page where they post these changes. I doubt that they would email Hilton HHonors members about these “enhancements”.

You can access Hilton’s web page for these changes here.

Hilton HHonors Hotel Category Changes 2014 Standard

You have to bear in mind that Hilton’s award categories don’t mean as much as they used to because the number of points within an award category varies a lot.

Hilton HHonors August 14 2014 Award Category Change Increase

This time there is only one hotel moving up in award categories by jumping from category 1 requiring 5,000 points per night to category 3 requiring 20,000 points per night. There are no other changes this month.


I would rather see a yearly award category change than these seasonal updates that can happen at anytime. There must have been new hotel launches in the past month, but Hilton has not updated this web page with those at all.