Misleading Marriott Rewards Getaway Bonus T&C’s


Marriott certainly knows how to mislead consumers from its Cash + Points reservations that merely mean that you can have paid and awards nights on the same reservations (read more here), when with other hotel loyalty program this means that you can substitute part of the points required for an award night with cash.

Marriott Getaway Bonus Misleading

Now, Marriott Rewards has been very tricky with the base level version of its summer 2014 Getaway Bonus promotion and even I was mislead.

You can access Marriott’s web page for this promotion here and my original post about it here.

Marriott Getaway Bonus Tracking

The terms say that you can earn up to 25,000 bonus points after your second stay. This actually means, according to the Marriott Rewards, that you don’t earn any bonus points for your first two stays. The double points actually start from your third stay.


Marriott Rewards has certainly worded this in a deceitful way intentionally. It would have been better to be clear that you only earn double points starting from your third stay during the promotional period.

Saying that you get double points after your second stay could be interpreted that it would include the second stay as well. At least this is the way all the other hotel loyalty programs communicate these promotions to their members.