Melia Rewards 10,000 Bonus Points To Be Used In England (And Maybe Somewhere Else As Well)


Melia Rewards sent another offer where they dumped 10,000 points to select member accounts (likely for those with an account address in the US) to be used supposedly for a stay at the ME London Melia affiliated hotel.

Melia Rewards London ME Offer

If you received the 10,000 points, you have two days to use them. During previous similar point dumps from Melia, you may have successfully been able to use the points towards other hotels as well.

Note that this is a targeted offer and I couldn’t find a valid landing page on Melia’s web page for it.

Here’s price display for October Saturday night at the ME London:

Melia Rewards London ME Price 2000 Points

Melia Rewards London ME Price 12250 Points

The price using 2,000 points is 186 GBP and using 12,250 points that I have now sitting on my account 142 GBP.

Here’s list of previous point dumps and withdrawals by Melia to/from my account:

Melia Rewards America Offers

Melia has had four similar promotions during less than six months. I guess that this must be working for them?


If you got the 10,000 points to your account, there doesn’t seem to be any limit how you use them towards hotel stays. Don’t even try to convert them to airline miles because that is not going to work.

You may want to switch your Melia Rewards account address in the States if you would like to receive offers such as this in the future, as they appear to target US based accounts.