Checked In Bag Over The Allowance? Solution: Wear All The Clothes You Can!


The photo of these two guys traveling on a Scoot, a discount airline based in Singapore and owned by SQ, from Singapore to Australia have made a few rounds on the internet this week.

Scoot Passengers

Their checked in bag(s) were too heavy and they had decided to wear all the clothes they can to bring them within the allowance and saving $130.

There is a long story about these two guys from San Francisco on Daily Mail’s website here. The photo was originally posted on Reddit here.

Here’s excerpt from the Daily Mail:

They were told their luggage was overweight and faced an extra fee of $130 (£72), so these two passengers on their way to Sydney decided to get creative to get out of paying extra costs.

The duo were flying from Singapore to Sydney when they were told by budget airline Scoot that one of their bags was over the free weight limit.

But instead of protesting, the travellers believed to be from San Fransisco, opened their bags and put on as many of their clothes as possible in a bid to escape financial penalty.

The cheeky pair sported shoes tucked into their pants, jeans tied around their necks, various layers of jocks and pants, and even hats piled high on top of each other.

Traveller Stou Sandalski witnessed the unusual ordeal and even snapped a photo of the comical duo decked out in their new attire.

He posted the photo to Reddit where it has since gone viral.

Sandalski said Scoot’s airline staff warned the pair at the check-in desk.

‘I am going to come to the gate and make sure you are still wearing everything,’ a staff member told them.


This reminded me of the Whine Wednesdays LAN case (access here) that I posted last week about a guy that was carrying six/seven plastic bags with him to the plane. These two guys possibly from San Francisco were a bit more humorous and decided to pile on the clothes to bring their bags within the weight limit.

These situations can be even more confusing if the passenger doesn’t speak English or the native language of the airline. I once witnessed a South American gentleman in Toronto almost break down into tears because he thought the airline was denying him boarding, when simply his bag was a few pounds overweight.

Airlines should lower the fees that they charge for the first few overweight kilos. Charging sometimes hundred of bucks or more for couple of kilos is really excessive.