IHG Rewards Club & Aeroflot Bonus Partnership

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IHG Rewards Club has new airline partner Aeroflot Bonus where you can automatically convert your points after each of your stay.

IHG Rewards Club Aeroflot Bonus

IHG Rewards Club doesn’t yet list Aeroflot Bonus as their redemption partner (converting points to miles), but I would imagine that it is in the works as well.

You can access IHG’s website for airline partners here.


My personal opinion is that auto-depositing hotel loyalty program points automatically to airline miles is usually very bad value proposition unless there is a very good partner promo from the airline OR you would never get enough hotel loyalty program points to use them in a meaningful way.

It is good, however, that IHG Rewards Club is introducing more partners. You never know when having some Aeroflot Bonus miles can be useful.