Marriott Gold & Platinum Elite Benefit Upgrade: Premium Tiered Internet Access Now Worldwide


Marriott Rewards changed the Gold and Platinum internet benefit earlier this year (read more here) when the Premium Tiered internet became benefit in the United States and Canada.

Marriott Rewards Gold & Platinum Internet Benefit

Now, Marriott has extended this benefit for Marriott Rewards Gold and Platinum members worldwide.

You can access Marriott Rewards terms and conditions here.

Note that this means that you can choose the paid premium version of the internet during the sign up process and the hotel must waive this charge at the time of check out. If the hotel is not aware of this, please ask them to consult the program terms and conditions.

Here are the new terms:

Marriott Rewards Gold & Platinum Internet Benefit Upgrade NEW

Here are the old terms:

Marriott Rewards Gold & Platinum Internet Benefit Upgrade OLD


Hotels have started to play games with the internet that is slowly becoming free for most guest at the “basic” level that is often borderline unusable while, at the same time, hotels are offering premium tiered access (read working one) for a price.

Now, this premium tiered internet is complimentary worldwide for Gold and Platinum members. This is certainly welcomed benefit upgrade.