Hyatt Gold Passport Walk Compensation (Sold Out Hotel)


A walk happens (in hotel speak) when the hotel has sold more rooms for the night that it has available and more guests appear to be arriving than the hotel can accommodate for the night. To deal with this overselling situation then the hotel must “walk” guests to other hotels.

Hyatt Gold Passport Walk Compensation

Walking guests has never been Hyatt’s strength from a compensation point of view compared to Marriott, which has published guidelines available on its own website (read more here), or even IHG (read more here).

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a link to a Hyatt’s guide for walking guests that is up on the open internet.

Hyatt Gold Passport Walk Compensation Diamond

What really amazes me here is that how cheap Hyatt is trying to be. Hyatt is only paying for the night at the other hotel and transportation to/from, but by default (if the guest doesn’t put up a “fight”) is not offering anything else.

If the guest decides to pay for the alternate hotel, the Hyatt hotel can then offer 18,000 Gold Passport points or a free night voucher for the hotel that the guest was walked from.

Hyatt Gold Passport Walk Compensation List

Hyatt also doesn’t have any priority for not walking their Platinum or Diamond members. They only mention guests that have booked using AARP rates that hotel probably shouldn’t walk them late at night.


I have only been walked once of all my hotel stays and that happened at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. It was handled as poorly as this Hyatt guide suggests. Grand Hyatt was supposed to pay for the Ritz-Carlton I was walked to, but the hotel ended up charging my credit card regardless. I had to get Hyatt consumer affairs to intervene.

It is really surprising that Hyatt Gold Passport elite members don’t have any priority over regular guests when Hyatt hotel decides to walk based on the guide. If you prefer not to be walked, it seems that you should start booking AARP rates because the guide mentions them specifically.

Seems that if you want to be properly compensated for the walk, you must put up a “fight” and demand adequate compensation that should be, at the minimum, for the Hyatt to pay for the alternate hotel and issue enough compensation points for a free night at the same category hotel that the guest was walked from.