United Flight Diverted Due To Use Of Knee Defender


United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver had to divert to Chicago to offload two passengers due to fight over reclining seat & use of “Knee Defender”.

United Flight Diversion Knee Defender u

Both of the passengers were seated on United’s Economy Plus section that has few inches more space for passengers and would imply that both fliers had some elite status with United or had paid to be seated on this section.

You can read the Associate Press story on Guardian’s website here:

A plane in the US had to be diverted and two passengers removed after one of them started a fight by using a banned device to stop the seat in front reclining.

The spat began on United Airlines flight 1462 because one passenger was using the Knee Defender, a $21.95 lock that attaches to a tray table and jams the reclining mechanism of the seat in front.

The male passenger, seated in a middle seat of row 12, used the device to stop the woman in front of him reclining while he was on his laptop, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A flight attendant asked him to remove the device and he refused. The woman then stood up, turned around and threw a cup of water at him, the official said.

The dispute on the service from Newark to Denver escalated to the point that the airline decided to divert to Chicago’s O’Hare international airport, according to Transportation Security Administration spokesman Ross Feinstein.


If working on the flight was so important for the person using the Knee Defender, he should have paid for the first class seating on the flight or flew on a private plane. It wasn’t certainly ok for the woman to throw water on his face either, but things probably got very heated.

There is nothing wrong reclining your seat during the flight, but it would be courteous to the other passenger not to do it during possible meal service. As this was domestic United flight, there are no services provided, so it was her right to recline the seat at any time.

The US airlines have banned the use of this device, but it is happily sold online through various companies.