UPDATE: Hyatt Gold Passport Fall 2014 Promotion: Earn Up To 50,000 Bonus Points September 1 – November 30, 2014 (Call/Email To Sign Up)


The other week, I wrote about (access here) about Hyatt’s fall 2014 promotion for up to 50,000 bonus Gold Passport points after 20 nights between September 1 and November 30, 2014.

Hyatt Gold Passport Fall 2014 Promotion Update

The problem was that the promotion appeared to be targeted and many received an error message that their account was not eligible for the offer. Hyatt also emailed several other targeted offers (read more here) for 1 to 3 stays.

You can access Hyatt’s registration page for this targeted offer here.

Hyatt Gold Passport Fall 2014 Promotion Table

The number of bonus points you can earn is dependent of the number of nights that you stay during the promotional period.

I can now confirm that the Hyatt Gold Passport customer service can sign you up for this 50,000 bonus points offer, as I just did it by myself. The email turnaround time has increased to 24 to 48 hours and seems that they are now outsourced to India and no longer handled in the US.

You can email Hyatt here or access to their worldwide phone numbers here. Request that they sign you up for 50KSTAY20 promotion.

First they tried to brush me off:

Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport; I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We are currently extending some targeted offers to a select group of members based off a number of criteria. We periodically run campaigns such as this to gather insights regarding what works in the market. Please be assured we do honor your loyalty, and you are one of our most valued customers. We know that these efforts sometimes upset those who were not targeted, and we are sensitive to that. We are happy to state that over time, many of our members will benefit from some type of targeted offer.

All targeted members will receive an email requiring them to register for the offer. The member will click directly from the email to register and will receive a confirmation landing page when registered successfully. In reviewing your Hyatt Gold Passport account G1234567P, I observe that your promotional email preference is disabled as per your wish. Hence, was unable to get enrolled. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. Please advise, if you would like to change communication preference, so that you will receive targeted promotional offers in future.

Looking forward to your response. If I may be of any additional assistance with your membership account, please let me know.

After second email they gave in:

Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

I have reviewed your account and as an exception, I have enrolled you into the 50KSTAY20 promotion.

We look forward to welcoming you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any other assistance with your Hyatt Gold Passport account.


It would had been quite ridiculous had Hyatt Gold Passport not extended their main fall promotion to a Diamond member. If you are Hyatt Gold Passport member that would like to sign up for this 50,000 bonus offer, best way to do it is to call Hyatt. As I am currently traveling, I did it via email and it did require two rounds.

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  1. I read the T&Cs, and while M life properties are not allowed in this promotion it does not say anything about Points+Cash. Have/can you ask them about that specifically? I would think it would count as they do for diamond challenges…

    Second part of the question is wouldn’t this be an amazing stack with a diamond challenge? If that’s still publicially available, I’m surprised it’s not something you mentioned doing.

  2. i had an offer – 5000 pt after 1 stay. could I be registered for both promotions (mine + 50K20S) at the same time?

      • As for my first request email, I got the same response, not sure if the second request would work or not… : “I would like to inform you that all targeted members will receive an email requiring them to register for the offer. The member will click directly from the email to register and will receive a confirmation landing page when registered successfully. Each email is unique to the individual member and each membership number can only be registered for the promotion sent to them. In order to ensure that you’re registered for the correct offer, it’s important to have you register using the link provided in your personalized email from Hyatt Gold Passport. I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.”

      • Dear XXXXXX

        Greetings from Hyatt Gold Passport!
        Thank you for your e-mail. It is my pleasure to assist you. The offer that each Hyatt Gold Passport member received was sent exclusively for that member. I am not able to register other members in offers they were not selected for. To view other offers available to our members, please visit hyatt.com and view our Special Offers. You will also be informed of special offers through our monthly electronic account statement.

        Best Regards

  3. I called the HGP customer service line (800-228-3360) and the operator signed me up for the promotion without any issues. It was quite easy. (Platinum member)

  4. Thank you Loyalty Lobby. I am a Diamond member and was not targeted for this promo. I called the Diamond line. After first being told I wasn’t eligible, the operator consulted with the “manager” and they signed me up! I think your emails worked and I would be very surprised if they use this questionable type of targeting strategy again!

  5. As a Diamond Member, I was targeted for the 4000 points after 2 stays Fall Promotion which is pretty paltry in comparison to Marriott’s Platinum MegaBonus offer. I contacted Hyatt Diamond Line and was told by a supervisor that she was unable to “change the promotion.” I explained that the offer is out there and that others were able to enroll over the phone for the offer. The supervisor stated that she had received multiple memos from her higher-ups stating that enrollment for the 50KSTAY20 over the phone is not possible. The supervisor apologized for the “misinformation” and offered 10,000 Hyatt points for the “misunderstanding.” I informed her that there was no misunderstanding that Hyatt has the ability to enroll members into promotions.

    I accepted the 10K points and switched over to email to request enrollment.

    It shouldn’t be this hard to get properly rewarded for choosing to stay at a Hyatt property for 20 nights in the next few months…

    “I feel like I am taking “Crazy Pills!” – Mugatu

      • John,

        Thanks for the response. I tried to call but got stone-walled by voice and email.

        Here is the response given by Hyatt via email:

        “Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

        I am disappointed to inform you that we are unable to enroll you in the 50KSTAY20 promotional offer since, you have already been enrolled in the 2KSTAY2 promotion. Hence, we are unable to switch between the promotions once the guest has been enrolled in one targeted offer.

        I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service.”

        Best Regards

        Hyatt Gold Passport Representative
        Global Contact Centre

        And here is my emailed response to Hyatt:

        Dear Hyatt,

        Though I appreciate your response, I am thoroughly disappointed in the level of customer service provided as a Diamond Member of your properties. I understand that you have a system to determine who gets “targeted” for a specific offer, but the vast disparity in rewarding selection of targeted offers is staggering. I also am aware that as a customer who chooses to stay in properties for 175+ nights a year that there are other hotel chains that are willing and more than happy to accommodate and reward high-level loyalty customers who intend on spending thousand’s of dollars on selected hotel properties. I know from my coworkers that enrollment can be allowed per discretion.

        I would like to respectfully request again to be enrolled in the 50KSTAY20 promotion.

        I enjoy staying in your properties more than Marriott and SPG properties (in which I am Platinum in both respectfully), and will choose to stay in your properties extensively for the foreseeable future upon successful enrollment in the 50KSTAY20 promotion.

        I look forward to booking your properties and recommending my coworkers to do the same.

        Thank you for your time and consideration”

  6. I think it is ridiculous actually for Diamond members not to be allowed. I called while booking a room and was told that i want not targeted and cannot be added. I also emailed and received the email you did as well. Then I just now decided to try my luck again as I have 10 stays with hyatt and definitely would like the points. No questions asked I said I couldn’t enroll online and she just added me to it! I don’t think it needs to take 3 attempts for a promotion

  7. I tried calling first and really got the runaround from the agent. He would not budge and went so far to read the fine print to me. I then waiting an hour and called again. A lovely lady answered and signed me up with no problem. She simply asked for my GP # and went ahead and did it.

  8. wish I saw this before – didn’t get the email from Hyatt (I am Diamond) and missed out on a couple stays. registered today no problem.


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