Now Delta Flight LaGuardia To West Palm Beach Diverted Due To Seat Recline Issue


This is the last time I am going to write about these flight diversions due to reclining seat fights. I have already covered the UA incident here and AA one here.

Delta La Guardia West Palm Beach

Yesterday, Delta flight from LaGuardia to West Palm Beach was diverted to Jacksonville due to passenger that had become disorderly.

You can read more about this incident and watch news piece on WPTV’s website here.

“This woman who was sitting next to me knitting actually tried reclining her seat back and the woman behind her started screaming and swearing and the flight attendant came over and that just exacerbated what was going on, and then she demanded that the flight land,” he said.

Klipin said when a flight attendant was called, the incident became heated and Fine insisted that the flight be diverted to the next stop.

The flight attendants tried to calm down Fine, but they said she continued to be disruptive and loud.

“She started swearing at the flight attendants and then demanding that the flight land. The flight attendants went and spoke with the captain, while somebody was blocking her path to the cabin.  Then, a few minutes later, an announcement came on that we were diverting to Jacksonville,” Klipin said.


Enough with these flight diversion due to passengers gone nuts. I am sure that if the airlines could charge the fees associated with unintended diversions these unruly passengers would calm down fast.

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