Compensation Clinic: Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown & The Case Of Lost Cookies


Compensation Clinic visits the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown hotel where a LoyaltyLobby reader had lost the European cookie tins and cookies that he had brought for his American friends.

Compensation Clinic Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown

I have stayed at this property couple of times and it is one of those “under” performing Starwood properties and was mainly a Qantas layover crew hotel at the time (this could have changed since my last visit).

You can access Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown’s website here.

Here’s what happened:

The front desk staff gave me your email this afternoon on my request.

I checked out this morning (8/15) around 9 AM and I forgot a bag with powdered chocolate and 2 sealed boxes of European cookies. This was a present I brought for a friend and I remember manipulating that bag this morning before checking out. When I arrived to my hotel for tonight and opened my suitcase I realized I had forgotten this bag back at the Sheraton.

I went back to your property hoping to find my items and neither lost and found, security or housekeeping could give any information about this.

I want to believe the bag is either still in the room and housekeeping missed it during the cleaning. I don’t want to believe the maid took it (she seemed a very nice lady, I talked to her for a while and even gifted her a book), and if it is misplaced in between departments of your hotel that would be unacceptable.

There is no way I could lose this bag anywhere else because as I mentioned before I closed my suitcase in your property and opened it at my new hotel so there was no chance to misplace this bag anywhere else.

Also don’t want you to think I’m crying for compensation as the items were not expensive (even less than $20 total) but I consider not finding the bag unacceptable in a property like a Sheraton.

I’d appreciate if you can find me locate this items and get back to me with a (hopefully) positive answer.

Here’s reply from the property:

I would like to apologize for this incident and your disappointment.  We train our team to turn in all items and we have not had an issue with this in the past, however that’s not to say that it is impossible to happen.  I have copied our Director of Housekeeping on this email as well so that he may look into further.  I know that you are not requesting compensation and would prefer your item, but I will  be happy to refund you $20 for the inconvenience.   I did research this again today and unfortunately came up with nothing.

And here’s the LoyaltyLobby reader’s reply:

Thanks for your prompt answer and your offer for compensation. I’d rather to have the 5000 starpoints I used for this booking redeposited in my account

The hotel agreed to the reader’s request and the 5000 Starpoints were re-deposited back into their account.


Housekeeping usually turns in all the crap that the guests have left behind. I have sometimes seen this ledger when picking up some chargers that I have left to the room.

I am surprised that the housekeeping didn’t turn in the European cookie tins and cookies that the reader had left behind there. Glad that he was able to come up with an acceptable amount of compensation from the hotel.