Did United Cheat On Its Buy Miles Bonus?

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On Tuesday, I wrote (access here) about United’s latest offer for buying MileagePlus miles where the maximum bonus of up to 100% was dependent on the number of buyers.

United Airlines MileagePlus Buy Miles Up To 100 Percent Bonus September FAKE

The offer was rather slow to take off and the number of transactions 4 to 5 hours before the offer was set to expire, was on the 1,201 – 1,500 bracket that would have given 55% bonus.

Then in the span of an hour or so the bonus and the completed transactions rose to 100% or 4,501+ transactions.

There are two possible scenarios:

1. United had decided to dole out 100% bonus regardless of the number of buyers to be competitive compared to other airlines such as US Airways and Avianca that are both having 100% purchase bonuses.


2. United didn’t update the number of completed sales in real time and just did it few hours before the purchase bonus was about to expire.


I was curious how this sale was going to work and monitored the number of transactions every few hours. In the span of about two hours, the transactions count went from less than 1,500 to more than 4,500 that is not plausible. Good for those, however, that participated to this sale.