IHG Rewards Club Terms & Conditions Update September 10, 2014


IHG Rewards Club has again updated the Terms and Conditions governing the guest loyalty program.

IHG Rewards Club Global Terms and Conditions Update September 2014

IHG seems to be fiddling with the terms far more often than any of the other established programs, but I only cover the changes that have meaningful changes to the program members.

You can access the IHG Rewards Club terms and conditions here.

1. Last Minute Reward Nights Gone

IHG Rewards Club Global Terms and Conditions Update September 2014 Last Minute Reward Nights

IHG Rewards Club has decided to discontinue the Last Minute Rewards Nights effective immediately. This is probably not a huge loss as long as the PointBreaks program continues.

2. Points From Promotions

IHG Rewards Club Global Terms and Conditions Update September 2014 Points From Promotions

IHG® Rewards Club may offer limited-time promotions that offer bonus points and/or partner credits. These promotions are governed by Membership Terms & Conditions but may have additional Terms & Conditions specific to the individual promotion. Many of these promotions are only available to IHG® Rewards Club members who receive a specific, targeted communication from IHG. Registration for a targeted offer for which you are not invited to participate is not permitted. Doing so is a program violation and may result in the freezing of your account, the forfeiture of all of your point transfers, rewards, vouchers, or merchandise issued pursuant to point redemptions and any accrued points or miles in your account, as well as cancellation of the account and your future participation in the Program.

I think that this is harsh. Other programs have been able to offer targeted offers as has IHG Rewards Club. Why would penalize members that want to earn more points by staying at your properties?


Let’s hope that the PointBreaks stay around and that the Social Flash sales that IHG had twice last year would return at some point. The last few Last Minute Rewards Nights offerings weren’t great, but always sad to see discount award program gone.

I really have a problem with account freezes and member terminations for merely registering for promotions that IHG Rewards Club has allowed anyone to register for. It cannot be that difficult, at this day and age, to make non-public promotion registrations only available for targeted members. IHG has already done this with some of the offers.

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