Compensation Clinic: Hyatt House El Segundo


Compensation Clinic pays a visit this week to Hyatt House El Segundo that used to be a Summerfield Suites (Hyatt bought this chain years ago) and rebranded.

Compensation Clinic Hyatt House El Segundo

It seems that the hotel still isn’t up to Hyatt standards. I stayed at this hotel once or tried to stay, but more about that on the conclusion part.

You can access Hyatt House El Segundo’s web page here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

– older property converted to Hyatt House (all suites), lightly converted

– not to be confused with Hyatt Place El Segundo which is a brand new and fantastic property

– reservation made with request for a quiet room due to noise sensitivity

– hotel sits adjacent to LA metro rails

– property consists of several buildings with the main building having approximately 6-8 suites

– at check-in assigned room near the back adjacent to the rails, with trains every 15 minutes or so, 24/7

– after discovering this, requested quieter room… the Asst Manager was gone and assigned a better maintained room in the main building

– only one garbage can for the whole suite, under the desk, none in the kitchen or bathroom

– alarm not cleared, went off at 4:30 AM at full volume between radio stations

– at check out, same front desk clerk at check-in identified herself as the assistant manager for the property

– relayed my complaints that 1) I wasn’t given the best available as a HGP Diamond Member and as Asst Manager she should know the Diamond room upgrade policy, 2) they failed to read my comments and are well aware of the noise issue with the rooms near the tracks, 3) lack of trash cans (she told me there should be 3, one at desk, kitchen and bathroom), 4) housekeeping not clearing the alarm

– hotel offered 6000 points, but I requested 12,000 as the hotel was a Category 3 property and was told it would have to be discussed

– 12,000 points were posted a few days after the stay but not follow up e-mail


It is very difficult to change the service at any hotel without bringing in an entirely new team and replacing most if not all customer-facing employees.

I was supposed to stay at this property after it became affiliated with the Hyatt and told the front desk clerk to cancel my stay on the spot after arriving to the property and seeing how terrible it was. The clerk also asked me to sign a no-party waiver when I arrived around midnight in a business attire. It made no sense at all.

This email from a LoyaltyLobby reader just just reinforces the image that I got. Even years later the service still seems to be subpar.

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