United MileagePlus Awards & Premier Accelerators (Buy Awards Miles At 1.9 Cents Each)


United Airlines has been offering Awards & Premier Accelerators for several years and I have previously covered them on a post here.


United allows you to purchase award and premier qualifying miles for any United ticketed itinerary whether it is a paid or an award.

Here’s how to purchase award and premier qualifying miles?

United Airlines MileagePlus Reservations

First, you need to log into your MileagePlus account and click “view” on one of your reservations.

United Airlines MileagePlus Award Accelerator Price No MP Number

For some reason,my United issued award ticket didn’t have my MileagePlus number attached to it and it was showing some generic prices for award miles.

United Airlines MileagePlus Award Accelerator Price With MP Number

When I added the number, the price per purchased award mile stayed the same (1.9 cents each), but the number of miles that I could purchase went up.

United Airlines MileagePlus Premier Accelerator Price With MP Number

Once you choose the award accelerator, you can then purchase premier qualifying miles as well. United is willing to sell PQM’s (Premier Qualifying Miles) at 8 cents each. Buying PQM’s makes no sense at all unless you have enough Premier Qualifying Dollars (PQD’s).


If you are after United Airlines award miles, you can have a look at your online itineraries and see at what prices United is offering them to you. The prices of these have changed from time to time, but the price of an award accelerator mile has usually been higher than the current 1.9 cents.

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