Lufthansa Long-haul Pilot Strike Today (September 30) At Frankfurt

Now that the Air France pilot strike is over, the Lufthansa pilots are continuing theirs over future pension agreements.

Lufthansa Pilot Strike U

This time only the long-haul flights out from Frankfurt are affected and even then the airline is expected to operate roughly half (around 30 flights) using alternate cockpit crews or pushing couple of flights early and four until tomorrow.

Here’s an announcement that Lufthansa has up on their website (access here):

The pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit has announced a strike for long-haul flights departing from Lufthansa’s Frankfurt hub scheduled for September 30th in the time from 8.00 to 23.00 CEST.

During the strike period severe disruptions of Lufthansa long-haul flights into and out of Frankfurt are expected, however, operations of 30 long-haul flights out of Frankfurt have been secured. All Lufthansa flights to and from the Munich hub as well as flights to and from Düsseldorf and short-haul flights from and to Frankfurt will operate as scheduled. Furthermore, flights operated by the Lufthansa Group airlines Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Germanwings, SWISS and Air Dolomiti (operated by OS, SN, 4U, LX, EN) will not be affected.


The cancellation of the flights today will have a ripple effect on the flights from Lufthansa destinations that were canceled today back to Frankfurt tomorrow (Wednesday).

Remember that you can request Lufthansa to rebook you on any other airline regardless of the fare paid or whether you are traveling on an award to your final destination. They also have duty to care that means putting the affected passengers to hotels overnight and/or providing refreshments due to delays. Lufthansa is not, however, required to provide monetary compensation per EC 261/2004 for flight delays caused by this action by pilots.