Marriott Rewards Exclusive Offers To Keep Status (Fall 2014)


Marriott Rewards has been emailing out offers for those members that are bit far away for reaching their current status by the year end with personalized requalification offers.

Marriott Rewards Offer To Keep Status

A LoyaltyLobby reader that has had 14 nights so far this year was emailed the offer above (thanks for forwarding it to me!) that required him to complete additional 14 nights by the end of the year to keep the Gold status until 2016. The member would require additional 36 nights by the official requalification criteria of 50 nights.

There must be similar offers for Platinum members as well.

You can access Marriott’s web page for explaining different membership levels here.

Here are things to consider:

1. Marriott Rewards may well extend your status regardless if you have had plenty of stays in the previous years. They extended my Platinum status for 3 to 4 years without me meeting the criteria after few years of more than 100 paid nights each.

2. You can always buy back the status the following year using Marriott Rewards points (read more here).

3. Marriott may extend a fast track offer for Platinum status to you if you ask in early 2015 that would require just 9 stays within the month + the 3 following months (essentially 4 month period). You can read more about this here.


Marriott Rewards has always offered number of ways to reach their Gold and Platinum statuses without putting up the rather high requirements of 50 nights (Gold) and 75 nights (Platinum). I would perhaps try my luck in early 2015 and ask for one of the Platinum challenges, if they are still around, and then try to do 9 stays within the 4 month period.

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