Whine Wednesdays: IHG Rewards Club Customer Service Delays (Email/Online Form)


It seems that the email/website form contact times are again through the roof at the IHG Rewards Club customer contact center in the Philippines.

Whine Wednesdays IHG Rewards Club Contact Time

I had a couple of stays that had misposted; one posted as a non-qualifying and the other one didn’t post at all. I submitted the missing stay request at IHG.com the other Saturday and it seems that they both went into a black hole.

Previously, the response time for a missing stay request used to be couple of days, but should IHG Rewards Club Platinum/Royal Ambassador wait two weeks or more for a simple request such as this?

Last night, I decided to call IHG Rewards Club using Skype and dialed the Priority Club number that I had saved. It took 35 minutes to have these two simple stays fixed, as the stay that posted as a non-qualifying was first supposedly due to too deep discounted and later I had been a no-show according to the agent. Neither was correct. A stay using the same rate had posted just fine on the same week. The hotel just had screwed up the stay (posted me as a no show)  and this was corrected after the agent called the hotel and confirmed that I did indeed stay there for the night in question.


I don’t mind calling IHG Rewards Club, but know that it can take some time to have something simple as these two missing stays fixed. I just hope that they would get their act back together so that one could rely on a simple missing stay request that was filed online to be actually processed. There really shouldn’t be a need to call regarding a simple request such as this. Why wouldn’t IHG just hire more agents to their contact center in Manila where employees get paid around $500 per month for handling issues such as this?