InterContinental Royal Ambassador Renewal October, 2014 (Mine)


InterContinental Royal Ambassador is the highest status level for frequent guests at the InterContinental hotels and comes with very nice benefits package.

InterContinental Royal Ambassador Renewal

The Royal Ambassador qualification/re-qualification criteria were murky for years, but IHG Rewards Club included the official criteria on its terms and conditions back in August (read more here).

You can read more about InterContinental Ambassador and Royal Ambassador status on InterContinental’s website here.

Note that the IHG’s website goes back only 180 nights BUT the mobile website (access here) shows the past stays for several years (comes very handy at times).

In a nutshell the requirements are:

– 60 qualifying nights (remember award nights are now qualifying as well)

– 20 nights at InterContinental hotels

– 3 different InterContinental hotels

InterContinental Royal Ambassador Account Status

My Ambassador year came to an end at the end of September and the status was not automatically renewed despite meeting the requirements listed above. So, I decided to ring the Ambassador service center. The first call was cut off while the agent was counting my qualified stays. The second call was better and the status renewed after the manual count was complete.

Both agents stated that I had had enough InterContinental stays and that I had met the number of different InterContinental hotels requirement. The qualified stay count was way off, however. Both agents stated that I would need 27 more nights despite having the 60 nights this year alone.

Seems that the problems here are:

  1. The award nights are not automatically counted towards the Royal Ambassador qualification despite them being qualified nights.
  2. Adjusted nights won’t count automatically, but will when the agent does a manual one.

I probably did have another 10 or so non-qualifying BRG nights.


So, if you have had award nights OR stays that the service center had to touch to fix, these are all missing from the computerized stay count towards the Royal Ambassador status. You must ask the Ambassador service center to do a manual count that captures these stays as well.