Whine Wednesdays: Terrible Club Lounges – Case Marriott Toronto Bloor Yorkville


The Club Lounge at the Marriott Toronto Bloor Yorkville reminded me why I usually don’t even bother visiting most of the chain hotel lounges in the North America. Outside of North America, you can practically feed yourself with a lounge’s offerings and not have to spend a dime outside the hotel.

Whine Wednesdays Club Lounges

As for this particular hotel I am not sure what exactly are the evening hours, but that was the display (what was left) at 6:50PM on a weekday night.

You could pick up some salad scraps, but the cheese trays was completely depleted. When I asked the attendant if they have more coming in the answer was “no”. Supposedly, they had been so busy earlier in the night that all the food was gone. At that hour, there was just two other guests in the lounge.

It really cannot be that expensive to get someone in the kitchen to make another cheese plate and prepare some salad. The selection as a whole was totally embarrassing. Why even bother putting anything out and just close the lounge?


My motto has always been that if you do something, you better try to do it the best you can. I just hate when I see hotels that try to cut corners here and there. This Club Lounge evening presentation brilliantly describes the state of this specific hotel overall. For a hotel that is supposed to be situated in the upscale Yorkville area (think of a Toronto version of Beverly Hills), the sorry state of this lounge is indeed a sad affair.