JetBlue Crew Boots Passenger Because Of Her Tweets


Seems that you must be careful when Tweeting or that may cause the flight crew to boot you off of their flight.

JetBlue Tweet

This happened this week to a JetBlue passenger that was documenting a flight delay due to pilot having to take a sobriety test.

You can access Mashable’s article of this incident here and’s here.

Here’s an excerpt from

The bizarre chain of events kicked off with three delays to Carter-Knight’s flight, originally set to depart Philly at 8:25 p.m. Tuesday.

When passengers finally were allowed to board about 10:30 p.m. after the first two delays, the flight was delayed again for a third time, Carter-Knight said, when the pilot apparently misinterpreted a passenger’s joke about the plane having a fully stocked bar as an accusation that he was intoxicated – meaning that, under federal law, the pilot needed a sobriety test.

“The pilot explained again, ‘I have been accused of being intoxicated and I need a sobriety test,’ ” Carter-Knight recounted. “The passenger [who made the alleged comment] . . . stepped forward and said, ‘I made a comment about a fully stocked bar, because we had a long night here, and never accused him of anything.’ ”

With that, Carter-Knight took to her cellphone to update friends and family on the delay via Twitter.

“I was told the pilot did not want me on the flight,” she said.

JetBlue Tweets


Seems that the crew of this JetBlue flight might have been uptight and spent too much time reading Tweets about the airline and flight in question. Difficult to understand the need to boot the passenger off the flight based on the three Tweets above?

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