Martian Attack On Earth Or Passenger Joking Having Ebola?


You should never joke having a bomb while flying and now definitely not joking of having Ebola, when sneezing due to having a flu, as a passenger on an US Airways flight 845 from Philadelphia to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, found out the hard way.

The plane was met with a HAZMAT team and the person making the claim was taken to the airport’s medical center for tests. The passengers on the plane were forced to stay put for two hours before the person was cleared to be ok.

You can read more about this on NPR’s website here on on DailyMail’s here.

Here’s an excerpt from the NPR article:

In a YouTube video filmed aboard the plane, a flight attendant announces: “I need your attention, OK? It’s going to look worse than it is, OK? I really want you to remember, from the depth of my being, I’ve done this for 36 years; I think the man that has said this is an idiot. …

“I know you all have your phones and your, you know, video and all that stuff. That’s up to you and the video and the stuff. But stay out of their face and out of their way. And, please, only take good shots of me. OK?,” she says.

Then, two people dressed in blue hazmat suits board the plane as generally relaxed-looking passengers watch and use their cell phones to film the incident. They work their way to the passenger in question and escort him from the plane. As he’s disembarking, he can be heard saying: “I ain’t from Africa, s—-.”

Here’s an excerpt from DailyMail:

A Hazmat team rushed on to a plane from Philadelphia in the Dominican Republic after a man sneezed and yelled: ‘I have Ebola!’

The American passenger, who does not have Ebola, was detained by four officers and taken to the airport’s medical center in Punta Cana as he declared: ‘I ain’t from Africa’.

The remaining 255 people were forced to stay on board for two hours until he was cleared, despite airline staff insisting they believed it was a poor-taste joke.


The strain of Ebola is spreading without precedent and I just read about the predictions how it is still multiplying rapidly in Africa, with an infection rate of 2 new cases for each sick person.

You should never joke of having a bomb when at the airport or in a plane and definitely not say anything about Ebola unless you have been to Africa and possibly infected.