Least & Most Visited Countries In 2013 (UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014)

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There was quite a few newspaper pieces last week about the least visited countries that all were based on the UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014 study that was released.

UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014

UNWTO is World Tourism Organization that is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

You can access UNWTO’s web site here.

Download (PDF, 2.26MB)

The study is just 16 pages and definitely worth a read if you are interested in the tourism inflows and economic impact.

Here are some highlights that caught my eye:

Economic Impact

UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014 Impact

I am always bit reserved about economic impact studies that are released. It is clear,however, that the economic impact of tourism is important revenue source for many countries.

International Tourism 2013

UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014 World

Nice graph about the number of arrivals and amount of $$$ spent.

Top 10 Arrivals & Receipts

UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014 Top 10

I think that the most interesting info here is that the Macau and Hong Kong don’t make the top 10 in arrivals but do make it in receipts. Especially, Macau is number 5 in spend largely due to mainland Chinese gambling their money away at the casinos.

Tourist Arrivals By Region Of Origin

UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014 Tourist Arrivals By Region

Here you can see from where the inbound tourists arrived from. It also interesting to see that the same region tourism is roughly 80% of the total.

Top 10 International Expenditure Countries

UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014 Spenditure

Chinese are using the most money overall in international travel and Russians are quire high on the list as well. The expenditure per capital in these two countries is rather low compared to developed countries such as Canada, Germany and Australia where this is in excess of $1,000 per person.

Tourism Towards 2030

UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014 2030

The share of Asia Pacific is truly exploding. All the regions are growing. Many in the APAC are becoming part of the middle class and this usually means wanting to travel more.

And Those 10 Least Visited Countries?

Here are the 10 least visited countries by DailyMail based on the UNWTO study. You can access the piece here.

10. Palau 2013 visitors: 105,000

9. Moldova 2013 visitors: 96,000

8. East Timor 2013 visitors: 78,000

7. Dominica 2013 visitors: 78,000

6. St Vincent and the Grenadines 2013 visitors: 72,000

5. Anguilla 2013 visitors: 69,000

4. Liechtenstein 2013 visitors: 60,000

3. Niue2013 visitors: 7,000

2. Montserrat 2013 visitors: 7,000

1. Kiribati 2013 visitors: 6,000


Good report from the UNWTO and interesting statistics about the tourism flows around the world.

I have now been to around 80 countries and the long term goal is to get 5 to 10 countries off of the non-visited yearly until I have been to them all. Lit behing this year as I have only gotten Bolivia, Colombia and Panama off of the list.