Whine Wednesdays: Do Disturb?


This has been a hotel pet peeve of mine for a long time and I cannot remember the total number of times the DND sign has been disregarding by the housekeeping team during the past two months.

Whine Wednesdays Do Disturb

Why hotels cannot get their housekeeping department to better work with the front desk to ensure that the guests that have late check outs and Do Not Disturb signs hanging on the door really are not disturbed?

This appears to be problem with all the chains

Here are some DND issues:

1. Housekeeping makes “phantom” phone calls to see if the guest has left and just hangs up if the phone is answered. They usually cannot track phone calls made within the hotel.

2. Housekeeping supervisor just disregards the DND sign during their afternoon checks and enters the guest room sometimes even without knocking on the door.

3. The staff always claim that many guests leave DND signs on and just leave, although I am not buying this excuse.

What amazes me is that the hotel management and managers are usually not aware of these issues such as the phantom phone calls that the housekeeping staff makes or knocking at the door when the DND is on.

The correct procedure is for them (housekeeping) to call the front desk and have them to check if the guest has a late check out or whether they have extended the stay. If there are any issues, it should be the front desk calling to see what is happening with the guest.


On this trip, these housekeeping issues have happened at the Park Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott, Crowne Plaza and the list of hotels could just go on and on.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not blaming the housekeeping staff but the management that hasn’t properly trained them or put the staff in a situation where they are not able to complete their jobs on time without cutting corners.