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LoyaltyLobby ran for three years using the same “theme”, which is basically a WordPress framework that makes it easier for publishers to have functioning (and hopefully better looking) websites.

LoyaltyLobby Website Update Front

I already noted a year ago that the website needed a refresh and to have a responsive theme meaning that someone accessing it from a mobile device would have an experience better suited for him/her.

On a Tuesday night, the website was down for about an hour during which the new theme was installed and the post and pictures updated. It is still work in progress, however, as some issues need to be tweaked.

Mobile Website

LoyaltyLobby Website Update

The most drastic change was that we were able to ditch the WPTouch interface that had been delivering the content to mobiles. Now, the interface is almost identical to the web one.

LoyaltyLobby Website Update Article


If there are any issues with the update or inconsistencies, you can always drop me an email. The change on the website was more evolutionary rather than revolutionary. When something works don’t beak it, right?

There will be subtle changes coming to the website over the new months, but nothing drastic is planned. I refuse to do anything that is “form over function”, meaning designing something very good looking/stunning but that is basically unusable and thus useless.

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