Whine Wednesdays: Website Blocking


In April, I was whining about the great firewall of China (read more here) that blocks “very dangerous” websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Whine Wednesdays Blocked Websites

It seems that there is something dangerous happening in Egypt as well because I cannot access Facebook (Twitter works just fine) without having to fire up the VPN from the Ramses Hilton hotel.

I am not sure if this blocking is done by the hotel or somewhere else. When I do a tracert, it does resolve just fine to Facebook’s servers, but both the website is down and the FB app useless when trying to access using the hotel Wi-Fi.


This is just a friendly reminder that everyone that travels should have a VPN set up with one of the various service providers in order to access websites that are sometimes blocked on a whim.

Why would Egypt block Facebook but leave Twitter accessible? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?