Airberlin Topbonus Buy Miles Offer: 50,000 Miles For €299 Or 70,000 Miles For €389


Airberlin is running a Citi Tour Pass campaign that allows you to purchase 50,000 Topbonus miles for 299 euros or 70,000 miles for 389 euros.

Airberlin Topbonus Purchase Miles

Airberlin’s Austrian Niki subsidiary run a similar offer earlier this year (read more here).

You can access this offer on Airberlin’s website here.

Airberlin advertises this product as a Citi Tour Pass that would allow you to travel between the cities on the PDF document below for a set number of moles.

Download (PDF, 192KB)

After the miles have been deposited to your account, you can use them whatever way you deem appropriate.

You really shouldn’t use them for these European flights unless the prices are through the roof.

Airberlin Partner Award Chart

Airberlin Topbonus Purchase Miles Partners

You can redeem Airberlin Topbonus miles on partner airlines above using the simple chart below. I am not sure if stopovers are allowed on partner awards (maybe someone could chime in?).

Airberlin Topbonus Purchase Miles Partner Award Chart

You can access list of Airberlin partner airlines here and the award chart here.

Airberlin Oneworld Award Chart

Airberlin Topbonus Purchase Miles Oneworld Award Chart

This would probably be the better use of miles. You can design a trip using minimum of two Oneworld alliance airlines and the number of miles required is dependent of the total mileage of your trip and class of service. You can have up to 8 flight coupons and 7 stop-overs in your itinerary.

You can access Airberlin’s web page for Onewolrd awards here.

Purchasing The Miles

Airberlin Topbonus Purchase Miles IBAN

The Airberlin allows you to purchase the miles using direct debit from your German, Austrian or Dutch bank account. Also, paying using a credit card is an option.

I used a credit card issued by a German bank and the transaction went through just fine.

Airberlin Topbonus Purchase Miles Statement

And the miles posted instantly to my Topbonus account.


Airberlin Topbonus program is majority owned by Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi that partly owns Airberlin too.

I just bought the miles and I am quite confident to be able to use them in a meaningful way for business class redemption or maybe some outrageously expensive short-haul flights. Maybe I just save them and make a purchase when they are on sale next time and then redeem for one of those Oneworld awards that allow multiple stop-overs.

Airberlin Topbonus tends to have quite a few promotions over the year for bonus miles with partners.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Download (PDF, 242KB)