Reader Comment: Persistence Pays Off – Case Hilton HHonors Jump Start-Promotion


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about his persistence and success of getting signed up for the Hilton HHonors Status Jumpstart-promotion that I wrote about earlier (access here).

Persistence Pays Off Hilton HHonors Status Jump Star Rollover Credit Fall 2014

Hilton HHonors Jumpstart-promotion allowed members to have their year end 2014 stays count in 2015 as well and thus have a jumpstart for 2016 qualification.

You can access Hilton’s web page for this offer here.

Here’s reader’s email:

I like many other Hilton diamonds I did not receive an invite to the Jumpstart offer that allowed any remaining stays for 2014 to count towards 2015 qualification status.

I called the diamond desk and sent them an email detailing my disappointment in not being targeted. I told them that this made me feel that my business is not as valued as other diamond members. To date I have 40 stays and 60 nights during 2014.

The first response I received via phone from the diamond desk was (to paraphrase) …. “you haven’t been targeted, we can’t sign you up, GOODBYE”. Yes, the representative was telling me he was about to hang up on me !

I then emailed the diamond desk as follows …

Email to Hilton HHonors:

I appreciate knowing my value (LITTLE) to the Hilton organization and will start tomorrow to focus my attention to a hotel chain that DOES value my business. Receiving the Jumpstart offer is beneficial. By NOT providing this to me, but giving it to other members, you make it clear I’m not valued sufficiently to receive this benefit. I have 7 reservations already booked for the remainder of 2014 and will immediately cancel them and move my business elsewhere.

Reply from Hilton HHonors:

Thank you for your response to Guest Assistance. My name is ******* and your email has been forwarded to me for processing. Mr. LoyaltyLobby reader we do indeed value your business as you are one of our top members. The reason why the current promotion did not target you is because you have already met the requirements to maintain your tier status through March of 2016 and the current rollover promotion is also expiring on the same day, so giving you the same promotion would not do any good as you already meet and exceeded the required stays to maintain your Diamond status.

Reader comment:

Their reply makes absolutely no sense and has obviously been written by someone who does not understand the promotion. I decided one more response was warranted ….

Further email to Hilton HHonors:

I’m sorry *******. You don’t understand what the Jumpstart offer is. It has NOTHING to do with my qualification status in 2014. I understand that my diamond status is good through March 2016. The Jumpstart offer affects my qualification in 2015. It allows my stays between NOW and the end of THIS year to count towards my qualification in 2015.

Example; I stay 6 more times in 2014 and these would Jumpstart (rollover) in to 2015 so I would need LESS stays in 2015 to RENEW my diamond status (until March 2017).

It’s VERY frustrating having to explain how a Hilton incentive works TOO HILTON EMPLOYEES and then not to be valued enough to have the incentive offer extended to me. If you’d like me to explain how this offer works please feel free to call me between 9-5 EST, M-F on *** *** ****

As you will see from my booking history I have cancelled my reservations for the remainder of 2014. I would be pleased to re-instate them if the Jumpstart offer was extended to me, as it DOES make a difference to how I renew my status NEXT YEAR. I look forward to hearing from you.

Reply from Hilton HHonors:

Greetings Mr. *****: Each stay completed by Dec 31, 2014 will carry over into the next year (2015) and will count towards 2016 tier requalification.


Sometimes you need to be persistent and even push a bit to get some results with these programs. I know that some say that we should be glad that they even offer promotions for us, but I disagree. These programs are not non-profit and often profit centers for the corporations.

We, as a guests that stay at Hilton hotels, pay for these benefits in form of revenue premiums over non-affiliated properties in hope of receiving status related benefits and points/free nights.