Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Internet Connections


This is like a déjà vu from earlier this year. I really cannot get it why some hotels cannot get their act together when it comes to internet connectivity.

Whine Wednesdays Internet Connectivity

I have had so many issues with the internet access in the past couple of weeks that I am starting to pull my hair out.

Just last night, I was having issues with the wireless access at the InterContinental Grand Stanford in Hong Kong. I run a tracert and you can see the result above. Some major wireless access point issues that I have endured at this very same hotel previously. Of course, according to the hotel, everything is running just right.

Last week, I had issues with the internet at the Conrad and Renaissance hotels in Dublin. My lifesaver was the O2 prepaid SIM that I purchased upon arrival that came with 7.5 GB of data. Tethering on the cell network was flawless and speed was several times that of the “high speed” internet at these two hotels when it worked.

On Thursday last week, I had to check out from the Ramses Hilton in Egypt at 1AM when the internet went completely down and check in to the InterContinental hotel.


I just don’t get it why getting something as simple as internet access to perform adequately at many hotels appears to be a herculean task?

When you report these issues, the first response usually is that they need to connect me to the internet “support”. I always decline. I am NOT going to waste any of my time troubleshooting the technical issues that the hotel is having with their internet connectivity unless they pay me to do that.

Short term solution always is to tether on the cell phone network, but why let these under performers off the hook in providing the service that we pay for? I always complain, open a file and request compensation. Until enough guests do this and start hitting the bottom line of these hotels, nothing is going to happen.

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  1. Do you get compensation for non functioning or impossibly slow internet? How much, what percent of the complaints receive compensation. I f say you always stay at starwoods, and you file numerous complaints, does that get noted in your file and impact how your complaints get dealt with in the future, and how you are treated in general? Or do they treat you differently as you are a famous blogger?

    • I’ve found not many hotels will compensate, and mention how it’s a free service. I recently cancelled future stays at a Marriott property as they charge £15 a day for the wifi, and it wasn’t exactly decent. I find myself tethering my iPhone on 4G more often now than ever before. If a hotel suspects you are a travel writer or inspector, then you do get better service,

  2. I recently stayed at a HiEx. After many issues, including being given a room which stunk of cigarette smoke, being left waiting for a new room after being promised a new key, having to queue for 20 mins for breakfast, I could not get the Internet working. After phoning the front desk I was told it was not the hotels fault but Apple as the latest IOS doesn’t work and they knew of the issue. Their paywall obviously wouldn’t work – in this scenario why didn’t they switch it off. They still advertise free internet and don’t warn the 30% of users who use Apple devices. On escalting the issue the hotel have rescinded their initial 20% off the room fee that I had been credited back to my account after I followed up the issue unless I accept that I won’t pursue the issue. Poor and arrogant response to a complaint. The hotel had poor phone and no 3G data connection so there was no options.

  3. Ive had too many issues as well. I have stayed multiple times at the residence inn cincinatti north/sharonville this year and their internet is terrible. It drops out all the time, making remote desktop somewhere between difficult/impossible. If you want to stream video it buffers all the time. The cell phone tethering was much better, but signal was low in some places and there have been months between stays so they clearly aren’t fixing it.

    I also agree, I don’t know why its so hard for hotels that are “business” hotels to get a basic internet connection right. When my cell phone tethers and exceed their paid “high tier” internet by several times faster, then its just ridiculous. The paid highest tier is often what I would consider sub par internet to start. They are behind the times, my business is online and in most businesses the internet plays a larger role then it did in years past. The issue is that hotels seem to be 5 or more years behind the times in the internet game. With each step they improve, the general reliance on internet increases 2-3 steps or at least 1 and they stay perpetually behind if not losing ground.

    Especially with WiFi, I mean they don’t even have to rewire the building, just get some decent equipment and buy a good connection. They certainly charge enough to warrant given every guest 100Mbit access, yet getting 5Mbit+ is a real challenge sometimes.

  4. And then there are the surprising examples like ibis mala strana prague where you get a room for EUR 40 and which has a faster connection (no password/log in needed) than at the hilton or other “premium” properties.

  5. All of my travel is in the US and when I go to a hotel and when I get into the room, I check the internet speed, if it’s slow then it’s time for the Verizion MyFi. I would say I use the MyFi about 60% of the the time as the internet is just so slow, I can’t be productive. The only issue for me is that I have a 2 Gig monthly cap so I have to be selective in it’s use. I have also experienced better internet speed when I use the wired Ethernet available in some rooms, been thinking about getting a cheap portable WiFi router to use for just that situation.

    Something else the burns me is when the per user speed cap is set low consistently 24 hours a day. For example I stayed at the Crown Plaza in Dublin, OH and their internet speed was 1Meg down and .25 megs up on the speed test. I can kind of understand a low speed test if they were 100% full, and it was in the evening when everyone was using it, but the speed test was the same, slow speed when I tested it the next morning at 6:00AM.

    I know IHG is all about guests leaving positive reviews and I will complete it if the internet was exceptional (to say THANKS) or if it was poor to warn others it might be hard to get some work done.

  6. I am an IT Consultant so when I travel my connectivity is a must – I do take a number of SIM solutions as a backup and currently solely stay in IHG properties. I have to comment that some of the best connectivity I see is at the Intercontinental Warsaw.

    Some provide the “Premium” service for free to RA/Plats I have noticed – it varies. I have had issues at other IHG brands using the “free/included” service and most that use a third party for their connectivity do offer a faster/premium service as an upsell. When I have had issues I will use the premium service and then comment immediately to the front desk that I am doing so because the free service is useless, dropping packets, whatever the reason. I have never had one then charge me for it – they always reverse it. I don’t abuse this, but it seems like a fair point that the complimentary connectivity should be usable for standard business use.

    Would be interesting to see if other brands accommodate on the above – again business use.

    I have to admit that I do know more of how this works technically as my company has installed a fair few solutions for hospitality. Properties just don’t rework their solution now that the load is greater due to the “Internet of Things” and more and more including a base complimentary service in with a loyalty program.


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