Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Internet Connections


This is like a déjà vu from earlier this year. I really cannot get it why some hotels cannot get their act together when it comes to internet connectivity.

Whine Wednesdays Internet Connectivity

I have had so many issues with the internet access in the past couple of weeks that I am starting to pull my hair out.

Just last night, I was having issues with the wireless access at the InterContinental Grand Stanford in Hong Kong. I run a tracert and you can see the result above. Some major wireless access point issues that I have endured at this very same hotel previously. Of course, according to the hotel, everything is running just right.

Last week, I had issues with the internet at the Conrad and Renaissance hotels in Dublin. My lifesaver was the O2 prepaid SIM that I purchased upon arrival that came with 7.5 GB of data. Tethering on the cell network was flawless and speed was several times that of the “high speed” internet at these two hotels when it worked.

On Thursday last week, I had to check out from the Ramses Hilton in Egypt at 1AM when the internet went completely down and check in to the InterContinental hotel.


I just don’t get it why getting something as simple as internet access to perform adequately at many hotels appears to be a herculean task?

When you report these issues, the first response usually is that they need to connect me to the internet “support”. I always decline. I am NOT going to waste any of my time troubleshooting the technical issues that the hotel is having with their internet connectivity unless they pay me to do that.

Short term solution always is to tether on the cell phone network, but why let these under performers off the hook in providing the service that we pay for? I always complain, open a file and request compensation. Until enough guests do this and start hitting the bottom line of these hotels, nothing is going to happen.