Ambassador Service Center Email: Above Average Minibar Consumption At The InterContinental Toronto Centre


You would imagine that InterContinental hotels and Ambassador Service Center would have better things to do on their time than to monitor the minibar consumption of Royal Ambassador members.

InterContinental Royal Ambassador Minibar Benefit Email

One of the InterContinental Royal Ambassador members benefits is complimentary minibar beverages for personal in-room use during paid stay at an InterContinental hotel.

You can access IHG’s website for Ambassador benefits here.

Here’s an email that a LoyaltyLobby reader sent me that he had received from Ambassador service center:

Dear Dr. Name Removed,

Warm greetings from the InterContinental Ambassador Service Center!

We would like to acknowledge your continued loyalty to InterContinental Hotels & Resorts. You have our assurance that we value you very highly as a Royal Ambassador and we are delighted to know that you are enjoying the many benefits your Royal Ambassador status affords you during your recent stays.

InterContinental Hotel stay activities of our members with Royal Ambassador status are monitored in order to ensure our members receive their benefits and privileges. We are pleased that you have enjoyed your ‘complimentary beverages from the mini-bar’ privilege during your stay at InterContinental Toronto – Centre.

However, the hotel has notified us that there was an above average consumption from the mini-bar during your stay, and we would like to bring this to your attention.  The mini bar privilege is meant for your personal consumption in your guest room and only during your stay, it is not to be used for entertainment purposes.

We understand that there might have been some miscommunication which resulted to the misunderstanding of the said privilege. In this regard, may we respectfully request that you adhere to the guidelines of your member benefits.

We look forward to your next stay with us and thank you for your kind understanding in this matter. Should you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact our Ambassador Service Center at +44 871 942 9099.


It is almost 100% certain that Royal Ambassador members minibar consumption is above average as those beverages are complimentary.

I have certainly raided the minibars at InterContinental hotels more than few times over the years and recently stayed at this very same InterContinental hotel and had beverages over an in-room dining order, but have yet to receive this nastygram from the Ambassador service center.

I am 100% sure that most of the Royal Ambassador members, including the reader sending this nastygram, rarely consume the minibar completely, although that would be fine per the T&C’s of the program (as long as you not hauling the minis in your bag).

Like now, I am about to check out from an InterContinental hotel. Have had few waters and non-alcoholic beverages from the minibar and haven’t even opened the wine bottle that the property brought as a gift and will leave it behind.

If a hotel has a problem with my minibar consumption, I would rather have a word with the manager on the spot than deal with nonsense emails such as the above from the Ambassador Service Center.

Are there any other readers that have received an email such as above and from which property did it originate from?