Hackers Selling Compromised Hilton HHonors Accounts Online


Many have reported having their Hilton HHonors accounts hacked and points used for merchandise (read more here). Then, Hilton HHonors started to require a CAPTCHA as part of login process (read more here).

Hilton HHonors Hacked Accounts

This has not, however, prevented hackers selling compromised Hilton HHonors accounts online for pennies. The buyer of an account then uses the points to issue a gift card or order some merchandise using the points.

Here are the prices that these accounts are offered:

Hilton HHonors Hacked Accounts Prices

Well. One can say that the hackers don’t value Hilton HHonors points at all. $4.50 for an account that has around 100,000 points?

There are more than 250 posts on this thread and many seems to be buying these accounts.

Hilton HHonors Hacked Accounts Post
Hilton HHonors Hacked Accounts Post

Currently Stocked on HHonorHilton accounts!

You can view what you can get with how many points by looking here, Points Catalogue. Remember these are cracked accounts thats why they are cheap, most them have been inactive and all are checked and I know exactly how much is in which. View things you could buy is say with 30k point account you can get a $50 Giftcard etc, for those who all don’t know about HHonor Hilton. I’m pretty active so expect fast accounts, all are checked and I know how much are in which.

Payments BTC/PP only

30k-39k – $1.50 cents.
40k-49k – $2
50k-59k – $2.50
60k-69k – $3
70k-79k – $3.50
80k-89k – $4
90k-100k – $4.50

Please Post here then send me a PM. prices could vary.


1. I’am not responsible for what you choose to do with the accounts after purchase.
2. If account does not work moment after purchase a refund will be issued or replace with a new account.


This is truly an eye opener. There must be similar markets for hacked airline frequent flier and other hotel loyalty program ones as well.

The buyers of these hacked accounts don’t use them for stays, but rather want to quickly empty them for gift cards or merchandise and don’t seem to have any problem with that. Someone had ordered a watch because liquidating a gift card would have been too difficult. Buyers don’t have any problem buying these knowing that it is nothing but fraud.

I love how the seller describes that most of these accounts are inactive that really cannot be the case, as your Hilton HHonors points are lost unless there is activity every 12 months.

Not sure what Hilton is going to do about this? I first learned about this selling of accounts on a FlyerTalk post here.