Blogs & Websites That Copy/Paste Material From LoyaltyLobby: Case IHG PointBreaks List


Back in September, a LoyaltyLobby reader tweeted that there are some “titans” that appear to be using material from LoyaltyLobby to come up with their posts.

Blogs Websites Copy Paste LoyaltyLobby Content LL

Knowing that none of these credit card pimpers (pardon my language) would take two to three hours of their time by doing a manual rewrite of a PointBreaks list that IHG provided (only URLs – no property names), I decided to do an experiment.

Blogs Websites Copy Paste LoyaltyLobby Content

One of the hotels on the last PointBreaks list was called “Holiday Inn Express & Suites LaGrange, Georgia” and I decided to switch the name of the city to Lacrange and give Google some time to index the websites that just copy/pasted the entire PointBreaks list.

Blogs Websites Copy Paste LoyaltyLobby Content Websites

The results are quite interesting to say the least. There were 40 Google hits outside of LoyaltyLobby that had this Lacrange spelling.

You can do the same search by using search string “Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lacrange”. You must have the “ on the both end of the search and make sure that Google doesn’t execute the search for the correct spelling.


Well. Not really a surprise. If your website/blog mainly pimps credit cards, you probably won’t take the time of writing out the list because that would actually take some time and effort. Easier to just copy/paste it from someone else.

I certainly would have preferred spending that beautifully summer’ish late September Friday afternoon in Montreal sipping adult beverages on a terrace rather than fixing this IHG list issue, but I knew that LoyaltyLobby readers would appreciate it.

Referencing the list that I made and including a snippet would have been fine, but just copy/pasting it in its entirety certainly is not.

As I pointed out above, there is more than 40 hits for the list with the not so correct spelling of this city that I just made up, but I just decided to call out these two examples, as both operations are commercial on purpose and the authors really should know better.

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