Compensation Clinic: Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok


This week Compensation Clinic visits one of the Hyatt’s flagship hotels – Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok where yours truly was wakened the other Sunday at 9:15AM.

You would think that nobody would their right mind would start renovation work at 9:15AM on Sunday morning that includes heavy jack hammering and drilling, right? Wrong as the above video illustrates.

You can access Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok’s website here.

So, this unbelievable jack hammering and drilling started at 9:15AM on Sunday morning. Apparently, some workers had thought that it would be the appropriate time to start some renovation work in one of suites that have not been renovated yet. They had been removing tiles.

When I was checking out, they offered to remove the room charges altogether (one night). I asked how many points would be a free night and they offered to deposit 15,000 points to my account.


You never know what might happen at these hotels. Who on their right mind would start renovation work that includes heavy drilling and jack hammering at 9:15AM on Sunday morning? I truly hope that other guests that stayed at the Grand Hyatt the other Saturday night gave appropriate feedback too.