READER QUESTIONS: IHG Rewards Club Crowne Plaza Award Availability, Cannot Go But Can I Get Qualified Stay & US/AA Chairmans/Executive Platinum Integration

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LoyaltyLobby readers tend to have excellent questions about loyalty programs and I try to answer as many as I can.

READER QUESTIONS IHG Rewards Crowne Plaza Award Availability, Cannot Go But Can I Get Qualified Stay & US AA Chairmans Executive Platinum Integration

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Ashley’s Issue With Saturday Award Availability At The Crowne Plaza Manchester

IHG Rewards Club Crowne Plaza Manchester

IHG Rewards Club Crowne Plaza Manchester 2

I was just checking the IHG’s website and seems that the availability now does exist for Saturdays at the Crowne Plaza Manchester.

With IHG Rewards Club you have to bear in mind that the properties must make 5% of the rooms available as rewards on any given night.

Unlike with Hyatt, Hilton or SPG, the IHG affiliated hotels do not need to provide awards as long as the standard rooms are available for sale.

The hotel can offer a higher than 5% award availability but they don’t have to. There are financial incentives from IHG to hotels where people redeem award nights a lot.

If you come across weird non-availability for a certain night for a longer period of time, you should check if the night is also blocked for paid arrivals. Sometimes hotels in popular destinations would prefer people staying more than one night and might have constituted minimum stay requirement.

Damien’s Question About Getting A Stay Credit When Not Staying

I signed up to the Accor (1000/3000/40000 bonus promotion) and paid for all 3 stays in advance. I have completed the first 2 stays and was supposed to complete the 3rd this Friday but I can no longer stay. Does that mean I will not get the final 4000 points, or will I still get them as I paid in advance with a no refund rate? Or, do I need to get someone to check-in so I get the points?

Hotel’s love guests that prepay and won’t show up, as they can sell the same room more than once!

Merely prepaying and not showing up won’t constitute a stay and thus won’t be credited towards the hotel loyalty program.

Here’s what I would do:

1. Can you just show up and check in? You don’t actually have to stay. Just complete the check in formalities, get your receipt and leave.

2. Would it be possible for you to add a friend as a second guest and have him/her to check in? This won’t guarantee a qualified stay because you are not there, but usually does work.

3. Call the hotel and explain that you unfortunately cannot make it, but if they wouldn’t mind checking you in in order for you to get the stay credit. They may or may not do this, but nothing to lose really if you ask.

Scott’s Question About His AA Executive Platinum Benefits In 2015

currently i am a chairmans with usair, but i am curious about next years benefits.

– will the chairman/exec platinum’s complimentary upgrades still work the same for myself plus a companion in 2015?

– will the aa 8 system wide upgrades work the same way as they currently do on aa?

It is not entirely clear exactly when the programs are merged to AAdvantage in 2015. AA communicated that it it would happen in the 2nd quarter.

AA has, however, promised that they will count both the AA and US activity to come up with the combined status for the 2015 membership yer.

American Airlines Executive Platinum members cannot upgrade their companions for free. They must either use earned or purchased 500 miler electronic upgrade certs.

There are no announced changes for the usage of eVips in 2015.


You can keep the questions coming. I will try to feature few questions once or twice a week.