Virgin America Elevate Buy Points Up To 70% Bonus November 20 – December 12, 2014

Virgin America has a new offer for buying Elevate points and getting up to 70% bonus. This bonus is valid for purchases made between November 20 – December 12, 2014.

Virgin America Buy Elevate Points Up To 70 Percent Bonus

You an buy up to 20K Virgin America Elevate points per year. Under this offer those 20,000 points are upped to 34,000 points (if you buy the maximum). 

You can access this offer on Virgin America’s website here.

Virgin America Buy Elevate Points Up To 70 Percent Bonus Table

The bonus percentage is dependent of the number of points you purchase per the schedule above.

Virgin America Buy Elevate Points Up To 70 Percent Bonus Price

The price of 34,000 Elevate points is $1040. The price of a point purchased under this offer is 3.1 cents each.

Buying Elevate points to use them on Virgin America flights makes absolutely no sense at all. All the awards are priced dynamically and the maximum value that is attached to the point is capped at 2.15 cents each.

Now, however, you can also use Virgin America Elevate points for flights with Singapore Airlines,Virgin Atlantic,Virgin Australia and on Emirates.

There are some deals for Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia flights (practically no fuel surcharges outside of VA’s US flights) that may make buying Elevate points worthwhile for you.

You can use Virgin America’s partner award calculator to find out the number of Elevate points and charges required for awards using various partners.


Buying Elevate points for using them on Virgin America is a horrible value proposition (no value at all). If you buy to use them for flights on Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia (maybe on Emirates as well), the value proposition could be there.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

The bonus point offer available when you buy or gift Elevate points between November 20th to December 12th 2014. Price includes all applicable charges. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian Residents. Members can purchase a maximum of 20,000 Elevate points before any bonus in their individual account per calendar year. Members can receive a maximum gift of 20,000 Elevate points before any bonus in their individual account per calendar year. Please allow 72 hours for points to appear in the Elevate account. Purchases (Buy, Gift or Transfer of Elevate points) are not eligible to earn status points. All purchases (Buy, Gift or Transfer of Elevate points) are non-refundable. Points required to redeem an Elevate travel reward on Virgin America will be publicly available on a seat and flight-specific basis and are subject to change. Domestic reward bookings are subject to a security fee of $5.60 per segment, payable by credit card or Virgin America credit file. The Passenger Facility Charge and Segment Fees are waived for domestic reward bookings. For international reward bookings, Virgin America guests are responsible for the taxes and fees incurred from international travel. These taxes and fees are subject to change at the discretion of each country’s government and also vary from country to country depending on the origin and destination. All Elevate Terms and Conditions apply.

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