IHG Rewards PointBreaks Advice For Monday (November 24, 2014)


On Friday, IHG made the PointBreaks preview available (read more here) that appears to be the full list (sometimes IHG only releases a teaser).

IHG Rewards Club Advice May 27

IHG Rewards Club has not, however, updated the PointBreaks web page with the new hotels yet and this will likely happen few hours later after they become bookable on Monday (November 24, 2014).

You can access IHG’s web page for PointBreaks here.

IHG made some changes to the PointBreaks “rules” earlier this year no longer allowing people to book more than two reservations per the same hotel (note that one reservation can be as many awards nights as there are available or you want to book) during one PointBreaks period (read more here).

Note that the system allows you to make multiple reservation, but this may put your IHG Rewards Club account in danger.

I expect that the PointBreaks availability will be loaded sometime around 8AM to 10AM EST. The IHG PointBreaks web page is not usually updated for couple of hours after this.


I am glad that the IHG made the full preview list available om Friday, so that members can better plan their upcoming award stays.

There doesn’t appear to be anything super super hot on PointBreaks this time, although there are quite a few solid properties such as the Crowne Plaza Helsinki.

Once the booking of the hotels have gone live on IHG.com, we will post an update on LoyaltyLobby and will link it on Facebook and Twitter too.