Whine Wednesdays: Climate Control In Hotel Rooms


A LoyaltyLobby reader suggested that I should whine about hotel air-conditioning units and this is one of my usual pet peeves with hotels.

Whines Wednesdays Climate Control

Why is it so difficult to have an effective solution for mainly cooling hotel rooms?

Here are the usual issues:

1. The air-conditioning is so loud that it is impossible to sleep if it is turned on.

The solution is to have it run in the living room, if on a suite, and just leave the door open. If no suite, I try to get the room as cold as possible before turning it off.

2. Temperature controls not working properly.

The control usually allows you to choose the most comfortable temperature, but whether this actually works is another issue. Sometimes choosing the temperature doesn’t have any effect. Then I usually do what I suggested on the previous case.

3. Hotel has prevented the temperature to be set below a certain point.

Some hotels have set the minimum temperature to 20 or 21 Celsius.  Normally that would probably be fine if they had working units.

4. Central AC can only be turned to heat or cool.

I had this issue in China past spring. It was too hot for me, but the hotel did only have heat turned on. They couldn’t have both cooling and heating options available simultaneously.


I love some hotels that have these modern central heat/cold systems that are completely silent and you can control the room temperature precisely.

It has been on my mind to buy one of those infrared room temperature checkers (guns) that hotel maintenance seems to be using to check the temperature of the air coming from the unit.  With actual temperatures, this may prevent complaints from getting “heated” and letting “cooler heads” prevail.

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