Fabulous Fridays: Uber Cars & Pricing In Ho Chi Minh City


Uber has received some bad press lately (rightfully so) and the car service was just requested to end its operations in Thailand.

Fantastic Fridays Uber Ho Chi Minh City

I have used Uber in Panama City, Mexico City, tried to use it in Toronto but wouldn’t work for some reason, and the service in Jakarta was terrible (cars couldn’t find Intercontinental hotel), but the service was fantastic in Ho Chi Minh City.

I had no idea that they had extended to Vietnam before I spent few days in HCMC last week and used the service number of times. I was really surprised the cars they had including Mercedes and price charged (lower than the taxis).

Fantastic Fridays Uber Ho Chi Minh City Receipt

Regular taxi was 150K VDN from airport to the Park Hyatt and Uber was bit less than 100K VDN going back from the InterContinental Asiana.


I really cannot understand how this service can make any financial sense for the operators in Ho Chi Minh City considering what they get after the Uber’s fees.

As a consumer,however, the price was great and worked very well compared to the other cities where I have tried to use it. Was surprised that they had priced the service considerably lower than regular taxis in the city. Could be that they are trying to get locals to use it before jacking up the rates.

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