Has US Airways Stepped Up Dividend Miles Account Audits?


A LoyaltyLobby reader hinted to me that there was a discussion going on at a German frequent flier forum Vielfliegertreff about US Airways conducting account audits.

US Airways Stepping Up Account Audits

As my German is bit rusty, although I did study the language at school, I asked the reader to provide me with a brief summary.

Here’s what he wrote back:

– Some guys had accounts audited for just being in the same street

– Then this guy because his 5 year old son had the same name

– Someone else did the share miles roulette and also had a family member with the same name (minor as well) and US canceled their return tickets from Hong Kong

– Someone’s account got blocked because the account holder never had an own ticket redeemed from the account


Not sure if American Airlines AAdvantage program has taken over Dividend Miles already, because AA has always been quite aggressive when it comes to account audits.

There is nothing on the program terms and conditions that would require the Dividend Miles account holder to redeem for him/herself or preventing two family members that share the same name to have accounts.

Many fliers especially in Europe have taken advantage of the US Airways Dividend Miles sales (especially those Share miles promotions that have enabled to purchase miles just over a cent per mile) and used them for business class travel.

Obviously these Dividend Miles sales must have been profitable for US Airways as well or otherwise they would have ended them long time ago.

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