Going NUTS Over Nuts?


There are occasional reports, especially from the United States, where airlines sometimes don’t serve any nuts due to someone on board having an allergy.

Going Nuts

This time, however, the daughter of the Korean Air CEO wasn’t satisfied the way a crew member was serving nuts and had him ejected from the flight.

You can access BBC’s piece of this incident here and WSJ’s here.

Here’s an excerpt from BBC:

Heather Cho demanded the removal of a crew member from a flight last Friday for failing to serve nuts on a plate.

Ms Cho, a vice-president of the firm, forced the Incheon-bound flight to taxi back to the terminal in New York.

The airline said checking service standards was part of her job, and she had the pilot’s backing. But officials said she was a passenger at the time.

Local media reports said that a junior attendant had offered Ms Cho macadamia nuts in a bag, instead of serving the nuts on a plate.

Ms Cho, daughter of company boss Cho Yang-ho, then questioned the chief flight attendant over in-flight service standards and ordered him off the plane.

Here’s an excerpt from WSJ:

Lee Chang-hee, director at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, said the agency would investigate the incident.

According to South Korean aviation regulations, a plane preparing for takeoff should return to the ramp only if the pilot determines there is an emergency situation, such as one involving the safety of the aircraft or its passengers. Violators can face up to 10 years in prison.

The ministry director said, however, that an official letter of warning could be issued to Korean Air if the incident was judged inappropriate but not serious enough to warrant punishment.


Asian airlines tend to take their service standards very seriously, but ordering flight attendant thrown out from the flight due to being served nuts from a bag and not on a plate is over the top.

According to the WSJ, the lady was in charge of the Korean Air’s in-flight services, although was traveling as a regular passenger this time.

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