Daily Mail: “Flight attendants reveal their most irritating passenger habits”


Daily Mail has up on its website an entertaining read what passenger habits drive flight attendants nuts.

Daily Mail What Flight Attendants Hate

There is nothing earth shuttering on this article for those of us that tend to travel frequently, but it is funny regardless.

You can access this Daily Mails piece here.

Here are the things that anger flight attendants:

Doing exercises in the aisles or the galley

Passengers who notice empty seats in business class and ask to be upgraded

Passengers who ask flight attendants to put their bags in the overhead lockers

Asking cabin staff to call ahead to hold a connecting flight

Economy passengers asking to use the first class bathroom

Frequently asking to borrow pens

Leaving your headphones on while giving your drink order

Asking to arrange a switch between seats so a passenger can sit next to their friend


Have to admit that I was guilty of asking a pen from flight attendant this morning, so that I could fill out the immigration form. Luckily Qatar Airways stocks pens for this purpose (unlike some other airlines).

If an older passenger asks a flight attendant to help with his/her bag, I don’t see nothing wrong with this.

I could have added one more to the list above that the flight attendants with the legacy airlines in the United States seem to hate. They sometimes call the “call button” as flight attendant emergency call one implying that it should only be used in life threatening circumstances. I have no problem pressing it (and keep dinging) if I happen to need something.

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