Hilton HHonors Introducing Lifetime Status?


One of the disadvantage of HHonors program has been the lack of lifetime status for those that stay considerable time of their lives at Hilton affiliated hotels.

Hilton HHonors Lifetime Status Coming U

All of Hilton’s main competitors including Hyatt, Marriott and Starwood have well defined programs to reward those that stay either spend (Hyatt) or stay a lot (Marriott & Starwood).

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Hilton HHonors Lifetime Status Coming

Now, Hilton HHonors has been sending out “cryptic” emails requesting members to confirm their mailing address so that they wouldn’t miss information about promotions and member only deals. Such information is usually sent by emails, right?

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Hilton HHonors Lifetime Status Coming Email

The interesting part is the website address that Hilton has used for this address confirmation update that indicate that the real reason would be to send the lifetime status package that must be in the works.

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It is unclear if Hilton is going to offer lifetime Silver, Gold and Diamond statuses and what the requirements are.


This would really be a welcomed change and overall benefit for Hilton HHonors members.

It is interesting to see how Hilton will model their lifetime program after. Hyatt’s program is entirely based on the spend ($200,000), Marriott’s both the number of nights and overall spend, and Starwood counts the number of years that you have been a Platinum member + requires minimum of 500 nights.

It would great if Hilton would introduce the total lifetime of the program night count ala Marriott and Starwood.

Typing this away at the Conrad Cairo’s Executive Lounge and this stay makes me a Diamond member again. I had the Diamond status from the mid-2000’s until I was dropped to Gold this year due to not enough stays in 2013.

I am on my way to make lifetime Platinum status with both Starwood and Marriott. The Hyatt’s requirement of $200,000 spend that is entirely credited towards Gold Passport points (if you credit stay towards airline miles the $$$ won’t be counted) is currently out of my reach before I expire….