IHG Rewards Club “Set Your Sights” Promotion Base Offer For New Accounts & Post Your Targeted Offers Here


IHG Rewards Club’s Set Your Sights-promotion is valid for stays between January 1 – April 30, 2015, and has personalized offers for members based on their recent stay history.

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 U

Although the registration was supposed to be open starting tomorrow (Monday the 15th), you may be able to access the registration and your personalized offer already today (Sunday the 14th).

You can access and register for this offer here or using direct IP address here.

Please remember to post your offer as a screenshot to the comments section, so that we can compare offers. It would be helpful if you could also include your IHG Rewards Club status and the number of qualified nights that you have had so far in 2014.

Note that when you ad a photo/screenshot using Disqus (the comment system that LoyaltyLobby uses), it won’t show up immediately, but it will take few minutes.

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Set Your Sights” Base Offer For New Accounts

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 Base Offer

The base offer again is very lucrative. You can earn total of 50,500 IHG Rewards Club points by completing as few as two stays and total of 3 nights.

Note that each individual hurdle has bonus point and you must complete all or x-number of them to earn an additional “achievement bonus”. The total number of bonus points including the “achievement bonus” is shown on the headline.

My Personalized offer:

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 M

I am surprised that it is not MORE difficult than this. I don’t have to purchase the Dining Program to complete the challenge, although it has nice 10,000 bonus for doing so. I may end buying it anyway, as it comes with a free night award.

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 M Abroad

Seems that there are glitches with the hurdles this time as well. I need to stay X times outside of the country where my account is based to become a Globetrotter. Regardless what the X number is, this is one of the easiest hurdles for me to complete.

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 S

I have had already more than 80 qualifying nights this year not counting 10+ BRG nights + 20 or so PB nights.


Let’s hope that the promotion this time is less problematic and works as intended, although the Into The Nights gave me plenty of opportunities to write about (and probably still at least another piece or two coming before its all over).

So, remember to post your personalized offers below and screenshot would be the best way to do it.