Thai AirAsia Flight Returns To Bangkok After Passenger Throws Hot Water Over Flight Attendant


There have been quite a few incidents this year when flights have been diverted or turned back due to passenger misbehavior and there was yet another incident last week.

Thai Air Asia Incident U

Thai Air Asia flight that was flying from Bangkok to Nanjing had to return to Bangkok after Chinese passenger had thrown hot water at a flight attendant.

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Here’s an excerpt of the incident from Bangkok post (access their entire piece here):

A Chinese couple and their friends were taken by police after throwing hot water on a flight attendant on board a Thai AirAsia (TAA) chartered flight, forcing a return to Don Mueang airport.

They were on board Thai AirAsia flight FD 9101 bound for Nanjing which took off at 5.55pm on Thursday with 174 passengers and four cabin crew, the airline said in a statement on Friday.

Witnesses said the man threatened to blow up the plane and his girlfriend told other passengers she wanted to commit suicide, Charles Liu posted on the Nanfang Insider blog on Friday.

Earlier, the couple were angry when they discovered they were not sitting together, which happened because they were part of a tour group seated in alphabetical order.

A flight attendant accommodated by finding adjoining seats for them, but they still complained loudly, Mr Liu wrote.

During the flight, the woman bought a bowl of instant noodles and asked for boiling water which she splashed on one of the flight attendants.


Not sure exactly what makes people act crazy when they board an aircraft.

The offending party and the flight attendant have reached an amicable solution (read cash) and were allowed to leave Thailand on another flight.

Thai Air Asia should have requested the couple pay the costs associated with returning to Bangkok, costs that must have been substantial. I doubt that these incidents will stop unless the misbehaving passengers are hit harder financially.

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