New Twist On The Korean Air Nut Rage


This Korean Air nut case doesn’t seem to go away. All started when the daughter of the Korean Air CEO that was head of the in-flight services was served macadamia nuts from the bag and not on a plate.

Nut Case

She got mad and forced the plane to return to the gate in New York and had the captain to expel the crew member that had served her in the first class.

Now, the airline may be fined $2 million by the Korean authorities and Heather Cho may face crimical prosecution for the incident as well.

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You can read more about this on’s piece here.

Here’s an excerpt:

“As it has been confirmed that [Heather] Cho raised her voice and used abusive language as testified by some flight crew members and passengers, we will report her to the prosecution for potential violation of aviation safety law,” the transport ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said Korean Air also violated aviation law and it is reviewing punitive measures for the airline, which could include flight suspensions and a fine of up to $2 million, the statement said.

Korean Air did not immediately comment on the ministry’s comments.

The plane pushed away from the airport departure gate as the incident was taking place on board.

The pilot then brought the plane back to the gate to expel the cabin crew chief, after Ms Cho complained about being served macadamia nuts by a flight attendant in a bag and not on a dish.

Public outrage grew after Korean Air issued what many in the country took to be a half-hearted apology for what it termed an inadequate performance by the cabin crew chief, appearing to rationalise Ms Cho’s conduct.

The crew chief said in a local television interview that Ms Cho swore at him and jabbed his hand with a document folder, pointing her finger at him while he kneeled to apologise to her.


Fining the airline for $2 million is only out from the pockets of the shareholders and not from this family that controls it through minority investments.

They should have fined the Heather Cho for $2 million and the captain shouldn’t have given in on her unreasonable request to eject the crew member.