Whine Wednesdays: Airport “Security” (Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait….)


I was getting really tired yesterday with airport “security” when I was traveling from Cairo to Montreal via London Heathrow and Toronto.

Whine Wednesdays Airport Security

Usually, I try to avoid transiting in London Heathrow to the best of my abilities especially if a terminal change is required. I wanted, however, to check out the new Star Alliance terminal 2.

Exit immigration in Egypt and entry immigration in Canada were both breeze. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the transit security at the Heathrow and entering the “secure” area in Toronto after an international flight.


There really must be a better way to handle airport security. Why would I need to go through the security again in Toronto when I have cleared it in London? I understand that western countries may be suspicious about the screening in some countries and thus the re-screening in London when coming from Cairo.

And why do these security check points always seem to be understaffed resulting in unnecessary long waits?

I would have probably wasted at least an hour more had the British Airways agent not been willing to tag my checked bag to Montreal when I was traveling on separate tickets via London. There is nothing preventing airlines to do this, but many have stopped.

Perhaps it’s time for the governments, airlines and IATA to put their heads together and develop a globalized security standard which can be implemented and carefully monitored to allow passengers to flow more freely. That would be good for us and good for the airline’s operations and bottom line as well.

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