READER QUESTIONS: Accor Day Room, US Airways Downgrade & Merging IHG Accounts


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Reader Questions December 20

Note that I can shorten the emails and edit them for clarity. I always remove the personal information of both the reader and front line employees. If there are managers involved, I may leave their names intact, however.

Guilgerme’s Question About Booking A Day Room With Accor

On the Accor website, to book a room for a long layover during a given day, I have to book it as it was a regular night, with a check in and a check out date, even tough the room is available from 9am to 6pm. So if I want to stay on July 13th, should I book the room for 12th to 13th or 13th to 14th? Thanks

Many hotels do sell rooms for day use only, but only Hilton (to my personal experience) has made them bookable on their branded websites.

I would call the hotel and ask what the price of the day room would be. Otherwise, I would book it for the day of arrival and just let the front desk know that you are checking out the same day.

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Ross’ Downgrade From First To Economy On US Airways

I wonder if this is something new for US Airways – the “new” American.

I’m a Chairman Preferred flyer with US Airways. Booked 115k miles on US and American metal this year. Plus additional miles on partners.

A few days ago I received my Complimentary Upgrade to First Class on my flight from LAS to CLT. Given seat 2f.

Last night I checked on line and went to airport today. Printed my ticket – first class 2f. Went to board plan and was told “there is a problem with my ticket” go see the attendant. I complied as requested.

The attendant hands me a new ticket hand written on it “Comp DOWNGRADE”. Now I’m in 14a. I ask why? She tells me First Class was over sold – sorry.” (Not to mention I don’t quite understand or take it as a compliment to be DOWNGRADed.)

I ask, did someone buy out my upgrade. And am told “I can’t tell you”.

I’m on the flight now in seat 14f – wondering, is something new? Is “the new American” selling complimentary upgrades out from under their Chairman Preferred flyers?

Have you heard about this happening?

My educated guess is that either someone bought a first class ticker or Air Marshall (are they still around?) was on the flight and seated in F.

I would contact the US Airways Customer Relations and request involuntarily downgrade compensations. Alternatively, you can hit US Airways with DOT complaint (do it here)

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Question About Merging IHG Rewards Club Accounts

I have multiple accounts with IHG, each have some points and are in different status level:
1. Gold Ambassador
2. Platinum
3. Gold

Can I merge all and what final status do I get if they allow merging them?

Hmmm. I would probably leave the accounts as they are and try to get the Gold Ambassador account to a Platinum one (better upgrades). Just make sure that you have different address on file with for each account and don’t access them from the same IP address. It is not a very good idea to have multiple accounts, as they all can be nuked by IHG.

So, just use the Ambassador one from now on and drain the other two accounts of points and “forget” them.


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