Orbitz Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions Update


Orbit has updated the Terms and conditions of its Best Price Guarantee program effective on December 19, 2014.

Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions Update

I am not convinced that these changes have a huge meaning considering the “scammy” aspect of its program in the first place.

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Here are the changed made to the Best Price Guarantee:

Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions Update Text

Now you are limited to maximum of 3 claims per month (surprise Expedia has the same limitation) and the bonus Orbucks will be issued to member account only after the activity has been completed. The credits are then valid for 12 months.


I would like to hear from LoyaltyLobby readers if they have EVER had successful Best Rate Guarantee claims with Orbitz?

Their Orbitz Rewards program is actually half decent (much better than Expedia Rewards) due to number of promotions they seem to continuously have. Their Best Price Guarantee program, however, is just a marketing gimmick.