Orbitz Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions Update


Orbit has updated the Terms and conditions of its Best Price Guarantee program effective on December 19, 2014.

Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions Update

I am not convinced that these changes have a huge meaning considering the “scammy” aspect of its program in the first place.

You can access Orbitz Best Price Guarantee program here and get $25 off hotel coupon for joining their rewards program here.

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Here are the changed made to the Best Price Guarantee:

Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions Update Text

Now you are limited to maximum of 3 claims per month (surprise Expedia has the same limitation) and the bonus Orbucks will be issued to member account only after the activity has been completed. The credits are then valid for 12 months.


I would like to hear from LoyaltyLobby readers if they have EVER had successful Best Rate Guarantee claims with Orbitz?

Their Orbitz Rewards program is actually half decent (much better than Expedia Rewards) due to number of promotions they seem to continuously have. Their Best Price Guarantee program, however, is just a marketing gimmick.

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  1. Orbitz isnt bad for prices, but compared to Expedia their service is FAR FAR better. Expedia and their various skins have rotten service, not just a one off, they do it all the time. Being left in the lurch in a foreign country because of them is not fun, but moreso when you call them you don’t expect a fight you expect them to fix it. Phone reps refuse to get supervisors or higher involved and more. I would never, ever use Expedia again if my trip depended on it even, and travelocity always seems far more expensive than everyone else. Learn from my experience Expedia is sh*t.

    • Odd, I have exactly the opposite opinion of Expedia and apart from HotelClub, I prefer to book with them when I am not whoring myself out for rewards points at a chain.

    • Dealing with the non-US-based Expedia customer service can be extremely frustrating. The Orbitz people may be slightly uneducated and at times belligerent, but at least they understand English and don’t completely misunderstand basic questions.

  2. I have had mixed experiences invoking the Guarantee. In most cases, I got the $150 + difference in fare. A couple of times, they refunded the difference between what they’d charged and the proper fare (an actual refund as opposed to Orbucks). This was when they were adding hidden surcharges to certain fares. They seem to have stopped that practice, so I haven’t filled out the price match form in months. It was a nice ride…

    • i used to get claims approved but have stopped trying due to frustrations in
      having 100 per cent eligible ones denied for made up reasons. one reason that makes
      it difficult to get claims approved is they do not accept any sale or discounted hotel prices as matches — and virtually all of their major competitors have only sale or discounted prices. question if one matches orbitz to chaptickets does one only get the difference in the price applied back to ones credit card (so why bother) or does one also get orbucks
      back. (i imagine cheaptickets is orbitz when it suits them , and isnt orbitz when it does not).

      expedia has gotten even scammier on their brg claims than orbitz.


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