Korean Air Nut Lady Lady Detained


This Korean Air nut lady case doesn’t seem to go away. Korean authorities detained Ms Cho on Tuesday due to alleged violations of aviation safety and impeding the crew.

Korean Air Nut Lady Detained

This whole thing started when she was served nuts on a bag instead on a plate when Korean Air flight from New York to Seoul was still on ground. She got the captain to return to the gate and threw out the crew member.

You can read more about this development on BBC’s website here.


Going NUTS Over Nuts?

Here’s an excerpt from BBC:

TV images late on Tuesday showed the 40-year-old Cho being taken away by prosecutors, with her head bowed. When asked by reporters for a comment, she said: “I’m sorry.”

Another airline executive has also been arrested, accused of destroying evidence relating to the case.

South Korea’s transport ministry said this month that it would take disciplinary measures against the airline in the wake of the incident.

Korean Air could face either a partial flight ban or a fine, the ministry said.


The captain really should have thrown her out from the plane, but obviously he didn’t have balls to do it. Interesting to see what will eventually come out of this literally nutty story.

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