Whine Wednesdays: Hyatt “Touch” Case Grand Hyatt Berlin


This week I am whining about things that happen at hotels due to lack of training and/or manager oversight.

Whine Wednesdays Hyatt Touch Grand Hyatt Berlin

Earlier in the week, I was “stranded” in Berlin for roughly 22 hours due to airberlin’s airplane woes (EC 261/2004 case coming). The airline would have paid for the Mercure by the airport, but I decided to book something more comfortable by myself and ended up at the Grand Hyatt Berlin for my very first and last time.

You can access Grand Hyatt Berlin’s website here.

1. Lack of information & lies

Checked into the hotel and was told that they had “wonderful” club room for me.

Was not provided a welcome letter, asked if I wanted my Diamond amenity or told about possible Club hours at this property.

Decided to call the Manager on Duty in the morning and got someone at the front desk.

The welcome letter was not provided because General Manager was not in that day. My Diamond amenity preference is supposedly 1,000 bonus points, so that is the reason why they hadn’t asked that. I had arrived to the hotel so soon after I had made the reservation.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe half of the stuff that was coming from her mouth, so decided to hang up the phone.

2. Housekeeping knocking at the door

I had arranged 5PM check out and had the Do Not Disturb red light enabled on the door that didn’t prevent the housekeeping knocking and entering the room at 2PM while I was working.

I placed another call and requested to speak with the MOD. Got the Hotel Manager this time to whom I explained the previous issues + this housekeeping one. He said that we should meet when I am checking out.

3. Welcome letter to Mr. Schmidt

Then around 3PM, someone delivers a welcome letter addressed to Mr. Schmidt.

4. How was your stay?

And as an icing on the cake, the front desk clerk asks at the time of checking out how was my stay?


I just couldn’t do anything else at the time of checking out than laugh. The service that was not received was so comical.

Obviously, the employees are not properly trained by the management, so that they could take care of even the most basic checking in someone in and out. Claiming that they didn’t deliver the welcome letter that would have explained the Diamond benefits and possible lounge hours due to General Manager having a day off was comical

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